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Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol

Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol : Accurate and Dependable Brugger & Thomet APC9K Pro 9mm Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol
Swiss watches, Swiss chocolate and Swiss firearms! Brugger & Thomet has engineered a pistol designed to exceed the expectations of Special Operation Forces, law enforcement/SWAT professionals, and now you. B&T has produced a modern, compact and lightweight pistol with a recoil-reduced closed-bolt blowback operation. The APC9K features a 5.5″ cold hammer forged barrel with Nitride finish. The lightweight polymer lower houses an enhanced crisp short-reset two-stage trigger. Sitting on top is a lightweight Mil-Spec hard-coat anodized alloy receiver with a full-length optic rail and flush-fitting backup sights. The B&T APC9K ticks like a fine Swiss watch, pick up one of these rare pistols while you still can.

Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol
Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol

B&T APC9K Pro Semi-Auto Pistol (Matte Black) Features and Specifications:
B&T BT-36045
Recoil-Reduced Closed-Bolt Blowback Operation
Caliber: 9mm Luger
4.5″ Cold Hammer Forged/Nitrided Barrel (5.5″ with Tri-Lug Installed)
Three-Lug Muzzle Device
30-Round B&T Compatible 9mm Magazine
Lightweight Mil-Spec Hard-Coat Anodized 7075 Alloy Upper Receiver
Full-Length Optics Rail
Folding Back-Up Iron Sights
Lightweight Polymer Lower
Enhanced Crisp Short-Reset Two-Stage Trigger
100% Ambidextrous Controls
Hydraulic Buffer for Reduced Recoil and Muzzle Rise
Matte Black

The APC series was designed in the 2000s, as a modern submachine gun that would be cheaper to produce than the intermediate cartridge assault carbines that were seeing an increase in military usage during this period. Before this point, B&T sold the MP9 and had experience in the manufacture of submachine guns, as well as years of feedback from customers on possible enhancements. The first B&T APCs were produced in 2011. Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol 

In March 2019, B&T released its APC9 PRO series, an improvement with a non-reciprocating charging handle and a replaceable pistol grip, compatible with grips for the AR-15 style rifle family of firearms. The APC9 PRO features an optional lower receiver capable of using Glock magazines.

On March 29, 2019, B&T was awarded a contract in the U.S. Army’s Sub Compact Weapon Production-Other Transaction Agreement (P-OTA) competition for its APC9K submachine gun. The $2.6 million contract included an initial 350 subcompact weapons (SCW) with an option for additional quantities of up to 1,000 SCWs, with slings, manuals, accessories, and spare parts

The APC uses a straight blowback gas system. The addition of a proprietary hydraulic buffer system in the receiver back plate helps control recoil More than 50% of the APC’s parts are interchangeable between the different platforms.

The APC’s upper receiver is made from aerospace-grade alloy, and the lower receiver, pistol grips, magazine, and butt stock are made from polymer. The APC uses the same magazines as the MP9.

The APC’s mechanical sight is composed of an adjustable ghost ring type rear sight and a cylindrical sight. Sights can be folded in the base when not in use, and will pop out quickly when in use. The APC has an H&K MP5 style locked lugs-style barrel and can be equipped with a quick-release suppressor or flash hider. The APC45’s barrel comes with a flash hider by default.

The APC shares a side-folding polymer stock with the B&T GL-06 grenade launcher. The trigger assembly is effectively the same as the AR-15/M16 rifle, and accepts many after-market replacement parts. The entire weapon, including the charging handle, are ambidextrous, and can be adjusted based on the operator’s handedness

This is the new B&T (Brügger & Thomet) APC9K Pro. The APC9K is a closed bolt semi-automatic pistol and ships in a hard case with one 30-Round magazine. Barrel length is 4.3 inches and also includes a tri-lug adapter slink, cleaning kit and manual. With the tri-lug adapter installed barrel length is 5.4 inches. Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol 

This is the civilian semi-automatic version of the Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) that the US Army has chosen for its concealed weapon for “executive protection” and other concealed needs.

The US Army chose a weapon with greater firepower, accuracy and lethality than a standard pistol, while being light to carry and conceal, and have the ability to accept Glock magazines.

The APC9 K PRO is the next leap in the evolution of the already proven APC9 Family. With the ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handles and its other advanced features, is the APC9 K PRO is the perfect choice whenever a sub-compact 9 mm carbine is needed as a personal defence weapon within military applications or for Police duty, especially for undercover or observation operations.

The compact K-version is, due to its shorter barrel and the telescopic stock is an excellent choice when small size matters. Buy B&T APC9K Pro Semi Auto Pistol 

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