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BUY PIETTA 44 CAL BLACK POWDER STAINLESS : A giant has brought war to the fields and towns of England’s heartland. When the British army brings in air support and deploys heavy weapons he simply melts away, only to form again somewhere else and deliver another devastating blow. He is called Pantegrel, and he is a New Model Army—a giant whose thoughts flow through countless wireless connections, whose intelligence comes from the internet and real-time camera updates, whose mind is made up of thousands of minds, each deciding what he will choose to do. He has chosen the joy of the fight, and his fury is truly democratic—he is me and you. This is a terrifying vision of a near future war as new technologies allow the world’s first truly democratic army to wrest control from the powers that be. Taking advances in modern communication and the new eagerness for power from the bottom upwards, Adam Roberts has produced at once an exciting war novel and a philosophical examination of war and democracy. It shows an exciting and innovative literary voices working at the height of his powers and investing SF with the literary significance that is its due. BUY PIETTA 44 CAL BLACK POWDER STAINLESS

The New Model Army was a Standing army formed in 1645 by the Parliamentarians during the First English Civil War, then disbanded after the Stuart Restoration in 1660. It differed from other armies employed in the 1638 to 1651 Wars of the Three Kingdoms in that members were liable for service anywhere in the country, rather than being limited to a single area or garrison. To establish a professional officer corps, the army’s leaders were prohibited from having seats in either the House of Lords or House of Commons. This was to encourage their separation from the political or religious factions among the Parliamentarians.


This auction is for a lightly used Italian made Pietta Black powder 6-shot revolver with an 8″ barrel chambered in .44 Caliber. BUY PIETTA 44 CAL BLACK POWDER STAINLESS 

This pistol is being sold for a trusted customer who has taken excellent care of it, and fired it only 62 times.
The wood target grips have been modified to fit the frame, and the stainless and brass finishes are in excellent condition with several very light handling marks overall consistent with light use – bore is shiny and looks great – please see photos for more details. Features Include:
8″ stainless barrel
Stainless receiver
Nice wood target grips that are in good condition
Brass trigger guard
Adjustable rear sight
Blade front sight
Comes with AMS padded soft pistol case that is in good condition
*This pistol does NOT require shipping to an FFL dealer*
A really cool, black powder .44 revolver at a great starting price!



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We will not modify a firearm from its manufactured packaging in order to make it compliant with your state laws.

The New Model Army was raised partly from among veteran soldiers who already had deeply held Puritan religious beliefs, and partly from conscripts who brought with them many commonly held beliefs about religion or society. Many of its common soldiers therefore held dissenting or radical views unique among English armies. Although the Army’s senior officers did not share many of their soldiers’ political opinions, their independence from Parliament led to the Army’s willingness to contribute to the overthrow of both the Crown and Parliament’s authority, and to establish a Commonwealth of England from 1649 to 1660, which included a period of direct military rule. Ultimately, the Army’s Generals (particularly Oliver Cromwell) could rely both on the Army’s internal discipline and its religious zeal and innate support for the “Good Old Cause” to maintain an essentially dictatorial rule. BUY PIETTA 44 CAL BLACK POWDER STAINLESS

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